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Looking At Apple AirPods

Apple Airpods come with the easy connectivity and pause-and-play functionality features. These wireless earbuds are described as the magical wireless earbuds by the Apple and Apple’s since innovation since Apple Watch. When you will take them out of the AirPods case, it will turn on automatically. They come with the one-tap setup and the interesting fact is that it will pause when you will take out one of the AirPods. When you will reconnect it, it will start again. This is simple to operate.


It will cost $159 at launch. You might need to spend more for this earbuds. But this is worth spending as it will come with many easy operating and other developed features. Besides, it will be cheaper than the Samsung Gear IconX, Samsung’s fully wireless earbuds.

How do they work?

It will be early to give an opinion about its operating process until it has not released. As the rumor says, it will work perfectly. It comes with the easy connectivity system and the effectiveness of this system will mostly depend on the Apple rep. If everything goes well, then you might experience a good connectivity, quality- sound, and stylish design with this new model.

Design, connectivity, and style

In the first look itself, you might have realized that they do not give the impression of earbuds. You will only see the plastic stem on the end of the earbuds. That might look odd as you will find them hanging all the time. The stem point contains a microphone to help you to receive phone calls and to hear what you are saying. You might be thinking that they will fall from your ear. But they will not fall down as these are specifically designed to hold on your ear. The shape of your ear will not make a big difference.

Sound and battery life

Apple AirPods will come with the noise-cancelling technology. Hence, it will not disturb you with outside noises. They will filter out all the external sounds and will offer you high-quality AAC audio. The battery life of these wireless earbuds will be five hours. With fifteen minutes of charging, you can get three hours of battery life.


  • These are one of the best wireless earbuds that come with an impressive and stylish design.
  • As they are wireless, you will not face any tangles that you normally experience with the wired earbuds.
  • They come with pause functionality and they will stop working automatically after taking out one earbud from your ear and will work again after putting it inside.
  • They come with the familiar Apple design and you will find any difficulty in the operating system.
  • They come with the noise cancellation technology that will filter all the external noises.
  • They will come with the quality audio.


  • The design is not new and impressive.
  • You will have to charge it for the operation. Hence, there is no new technology to avoid the charging.
  • You will need both the earbuds for the operating. What will happen if you will lose one?
  • It is expensive.
  • Apple Airpods come with many new and creative features. They will help you to get rid of tangle and wires. Besides, the noise cancellation technology will offer you best quality sound. Hence, if you want the best quality wireless earbuds at a reasonable price, then consider buying Apple Airpods.